Our Mission

Influencing people is a serious and valuable asset that adds value to other people’s lives and makes the world better in many different ways. Our mission is to create an ecosystem that offers influencers a stronger career to continue enlightening our world.


Can Yuksel

Co-founder & CEO

Can has eight years of experience in entertainment industry. He holds BEng in Naval Architecture, BA in Music, BA in Television Programming and MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship. He came up with the idea of Famecycle during his postgraduate study at University College London. Apart from product design, he likes playing piano, composing music, swimming and skiing.

Ville Paavola

Co-founder & CTO

Ville has ten years of experience in software engineering. He holds BComp in Computer Science from University of Helsinki. His full stack developer skills bring creative solutions in pace of time to make Famecycle a compelling product. Apart from software development, he enjoys playing football and volleyball, composing music.


Help us build a dream team to experience a new generation's working style. We believe that work life can be as fun as social life with responsible team players. Let's create unforgettable memories in business life together. Follow our open job positions here.

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Members can contact us through the app. For press and business inquiries, please email us at pr@famecycle.com.